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For all the new patients out there, Norwich Ophthalmology Group is keen to offer LASIK screening, absolutely free of cost! This will be a golden opportunity, when you can easily talk with a well experienced surgeon, regarding the entire LASIK procedure and experience. You can also ask them your eminent problems and can expect quality solutions for those. You can easily create direct contact with the renowned specialists.

To know more about every detailed procedure associated with LASIK treatment like vision correction and refractive problems, we would suggest you to attend the FREE informational seminar. In this seminar, you will get clear notifications regarding the positive sides of refractive surgery, along with some preliminary testing. It can help in determining the candidates well, and serve them accordingly. It is advisable to bring your latest eyeglass and eye glass prescription, along with any kind of question you have in mind. You can even look for one-on-one consultation with an experienced and well trained surgeon from Norwich Ophthalmology Group.

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